The Attendorn Buskers´ Festival…

Gauklerfest Attendorn

The Attendorn Buskers´ Festival opens its doors!

Discover all that’s special about the Festival: legends alongside the up-and-coming artists, artistical encounters and discoveries, musical journeys and most of all the emotion and passion that inspire us all. Children´s and Buskers´ Festival in Attendorn:
Dismissed as a “crazy idea” by town officials in 1988, over the years it has evolved into an international performers` festival that meets with high acclaim in the region and beyond, attracting more than 13.000 visitors every year. With its mix of performing arts and entertainment, the Attendorn Buskers´ Festival (Gauklerfest) has become an established part of the regions´s cultural scene and gained an excellent reputation across Germany. The charming festival presents well over 30 international productions featuring more than 50 performers – vaudeville entertainers, clowns, acrobats, mimes and many musicians – and offers a variety of events for children and young people.

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